Umberto Pelizzari in Poland

{Underwater on a single breath}
"I become a single entity with the sea. I know that I am a man that needs to breathe but I feel that I don't need to..”

Umberto Pelizzari

The first visit of UMBERTO PELIZZARI in Poland

11th November 2016 in Poznań


Meeting with the real freediving legend

It was a dream for many freedivers, scuba divers, enthusiasts of the sea and sports - to meet with Umberto Pelizzarim, 16-times world record holder in freediving, a student of Enzo Maiorca and Jacques Mayol, the founder of the schoolApnea Academy.
This year, 11th November, thanks to the FREEBODY, for the first time in Poland freedivers could meet Umberto and listen to his stories and give a question.

Fotorelation from the event you can find here

Who is Umberto Pelizzari?

About his achievements we can write a lot. He contributed to the development of freediving exceeding the limits which no man before him on one breath has not reached, as well as subjecting many scientific research in the field of human physiology during the breath-holding.
In the years 1990-2001 has set 16 world records in the disciplines: Constant Weight (CWT), variable weight (VWT), "no limits" (NLT), and also in static (STA).
In 1995, together with Renzo Mazzarim they founded the school of freediving called Apnea Academy, which from the beginning was devoted exclusively to freediving, and today has more than 400 instructors worldwide.

To get more information about Umberto Pelizzari - visit his official website

The movie about the story of Umberto Pelizzari - "OCEAN MAN"


Event Location

SHERATON POZNAN HOTEL, Bukowska Street 3/9, 60-809 Poznań, Poland


The organiser of the event is -

Freediving and swimming school FREEBODY



Sheraton Poznan HOTEL


Polish Freediving Association


Polish Spearfishing Association



Swim Portal


Apnea Sports

Umberto Pelizzari in Poland

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