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FREEBODY is the first school of freediving and swimming in Poland, which was created with the mission of popularizing freediving as a sport, hobby and lifestyle accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to build awareness in Poland that freediving is not only an extreme and high-performance sport , where the most important are results, but also an excellent form of relaxation and sporting activities, which helps to maintain the health and physical condition every day.

Courses and lessons organized by Freebody are characterized by a combination of knowledge and methods used in the freediving training with a completely individual approach to teaching of the movement in the water. These methods have been developed on the basis of the own experience acquired on the way as a professional athlete of swimming and freediving and cooperation with world-renowned coaches swimming and freediving our instructor - Agnieszka Kalska.

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Agnieszka Kalska

'Freebody' founder

Agnieszka is the main instructor of the FREEBODY. Her personal approach of teaching based on her own experience and knowledge acquired during many years of training, is appreciated by anyone who took a lesson with her. Another advantage of this instructor is the ability to present all of elements in a perfect style, as she trains herself and takes a part in freediving international competitions.

  • freediving international instructor Apnea Academy and PADI,
  • former Polish record holder in freediving,
  • member of the national team of freediving,
  • 4th of the Freediving World Championships in 2018,
  • finalist of the Freediving World Championships in 2013, 2015 and 2016,
  • multimedalist of the National Championships in freediving 2013-2016,
  • multimedalist of the National Championships in swimming and a member of the national team of swimming 1998-2003.
Anywhere in the world, underwater I'm at home

More information about Agnieszka, you can find on the official website of the athlete www.agnieszka.kalska.pl